How boxing empowered a no-quit, noodle-armed newbie.


Darkly humorous and told with striking grit, Lux Alani takes on solitude, midlife athleticism, and the siren call of boxing. Punch Happy celebrates the soulfulness, demands and ennobled force of boxing in 12 rounds of prose that roll and jab with dazzling right hooks.

Weighing in at 85 pages, this little book packs a punch. You’ll read it bell to bell in the time it takes to watch a 12-round bout. You’ll get humanity and F-bombs, eye-candy and inspiration. But mostly you’ll get reminded of your own capacity to overcome. In raw, poetic passages, Punch Happy captures the art of inhabiting one’s strength.

For all the fighters in the ring of life.

Praise for Punch Happy:

Punch Happy is the perfect book for anyone curious about the life lessons & rawness of the true boxing experience, through a first timer’s eyes. The no-quit attitude thru the book is sure to inspire. I could relate to so many moments in the book & I know many who read it will, too!”

Maureen ‘The Real Million Dollar Baby’ Shea

2x World Champion

Punch Happy is a great read. Lux Alani fully understands that training in boxing is a metaphor for life. Her incredible description draws you into her mental, physical and emotional battles as she navigates the ins and outs of the world of boxing. Punch Happy is a knockout!”

Alicia ‘Slick’ Ashley

5x World Champion; GWR holder

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